Earth Day

Earth Day is observed annually on the 22nd of April to support environmental protection and as a reminder to live more sustainably. 

Sustainability is the capacity to endure in a relatively ongoing way across various domains of life. In the 21st century, it refers generally to the capacity for Earth’s biosphere and human civilisation to co-exist.

Wikipedia has set this year’s theme as ‘Restore our Earth’ and focuses on five key programmes:

  1. Canopy project: is committed to reforestation and plants trees across the globe.
  2. Food and environment: support farmers to adopt the latest techniques for regenerative agriculture and sustainable food practices.
  3. Climate literacy: provides education to students across the world to make them informed and engaged in environmental issues.
  4. Global earth challenge: is a coordinated citizen science campaign using a mobile app to collect observations from across the world and connect small scale science projects.
  5. Great global clean up: helps individuals and communities clean up public spaces and reduce pollution and waste.

To recognise Earth Day this year, I am committing to improving my climate literacy. I have started to read Bill Gates new book How to avoid a climate disaster. The book is written by an engineer and takes that approach to solve the problem of getting from our current levels of 5 billion tonnes of carbon emissions per year to net-zero by 2050. Gates suggest that most people are not prepared to change their lifestyles dramatically in time to fix the problem and so collects the best science and solutions to make our lifestyles more sustainable. 

After this book I am also interested in reading wider on the subject of sustainable living to some of the more extream solutions, starting a vegetable patch in my garden and watching some more episodes of The Good Life.

Will you join me in committing to improve your climate literacy?

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