eCommerce Benchmarks

I have been following Dynamic Yield since it was purchased by McDonald’s in March 2019. Dynamic Yield works with over 350 global brands developing online customer personalisation. The tech firm has an excellent newsletter covering marketing, data analytics, and digital personalisation. It offers several free services on its website, including case studies, a learning centre, and an eCommerce benchmarking tool. 

Dynamic Yield provides monthly eCommerce benchmark data for seven key markers. The data can help companies keep track of what is going on in their industries, identify strengths and weaknesses in their eCommerce platforms performance, and aid the creation of marketing plans. The data is aggregated from over 200 million monthly users and 300 million sessions from Dynamic Yield’s customer base.

The benchmarks and their 12-month global averages:

  1. Device Usage – % of traffic per device: 65% mobile, 32.17% desktop, and 2.83% tablet
  2. Conversion Rate – % of completed purchases by visitors: 3.21%
  3. Add-to-Cart Rate – % of items added to cart after product page view(s) by visitors: 7.16%
  4. Cart Abandonment Rate – % of items left in carts and not purchased by visitors: 70.83%
  5. Average Order Value (AOVs) – Average dollar amount per order: $130 
  6. Units per Transaction (UPTs) – Average number of products bought per order by visitors: 2.87
  7. Average Transaction per User (ATPU) – Average number of transactions made per visitor: 0.09

Each benchmark can be filtered by device, region and one of eight industries. The data is updated monthly and includes the last twelve months worth of averages for identifying trends. The Conversation rate and Cart abandonment rate KPIs also have detailed explanations, strategies for improvement, and additional resources. 

You can find Dynamic Yield’s benchmark tool on their website.