The perfect 15 minute workout

I found this quick clean and press workout by Jim Schmitz many years ago, but I can’t find it again on the internet. It is excellent for general strength and conditioning if you do not have much time but have a barbell and some bumper plates at home. You could replicate the pattern with five progressively heavier kettlebells, but you might need to adjust the timings if you have to do the reps on both sides.

Three-minute warm-up: 

  • Arm circles, body twists and circles, and a few free squats.
  • Empty bar set – 5 x Power Clean + 5 x Military Press (one Power Clean followed by one Press repeated for five total reps)

Two minutes per set, including changing weights, lifting, and a short recovery:

  • 5 x Power Clean + 5 x Military Press
  • 5 x Power Clean, 2 x Military Press and 3 x Push Press
  • 5 x Power Clean + 5 x Push Press
  • 5 x Power Clean + 2 x Push Press and 3 x Power Jerk
  • 5 x Power Clean + 5 x Power Jerk.

Start with a conservative weight for the first set and add weight for each subsequent set. The final set should be challenging, but not so hard you could not do another rep if needed. My benchmark was always to do the last set with my bodyweight on the bar, but you could adjust it for your strength levels.


  • Set 1: 40kg
  • Set 2: 50kg
  • Set 3: 60kg
  • Set 4: 70kg
  • Set 5: 80kg

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