Document, don’t create

‘Document, don’t create’ means making content by documenting what you have learned over the last few days rather than creating content from scratch designed for a specific audience. 

This idea was popularised by Gary (Vee) Vanachuck, CEO of VanerMedia and one of the most prominent influences on the internet. The motivation behind this advice is to stop worrying about delivering perfect content and record something people will find valuable. There is someone in the world a step or two behind you on the same journey, and you can help them.

Rather than filming everything you do, a better approach is to look at your calendar and then make content about that. Ask:

  • What did I do over the last seven days?
  • What were the meetings I had? 
  • What conversations did I have?
  • What problems did I face, and how did I deal with them?
  • What did I learn?

Gary Vee suggests just starting. Create and distribute 7-25 items per day.