Easter Sunday in England

Happy Easter!

Easter is a Christian holiday that celebrates the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ. In the United Kingdom, we have a four day weekend with Good Friday and Monday as bank holidays. Over the four days, Church services are held on Good Friday to remember the crucifixion of Jesus Christ, on Saturday evening for the Easter Vigil, and on Easter Sunday morning to celebrate Jesus rising again.

In the run-up to the Easter weekend, Christian’s will fast for six weeks, excluding Sundays, traditionally giving up wine, meat, and dairy. On Easter Sunday, to mark the end of the fast, there is a big feast. In the morning, Easter Egg hunts are carried out, where chocolate eggs are hidden for children to find. Hot crossed buns are then eaten; these are raisin filled buns, lightly toasted, heavily buttered, and enjoyed with a cup of English tea. At lunch, a Sunday roast is eaten with the family; lamb is usually served, and people dress up and get together with the family for a feast.

Enjoy your day.