My upgraded Zwift setup

My new setup for indoor bike training using the Zwift app:

I got the Wattbike Atom about a year and a half ago when the first generation was released. While it is more expensive than a premium Turbo trainer such as the Wahoo Kickr, it takes up less space and can be left set up all the time. I do not have to worry about the wear on my bike too. Replicating my road bike position was quick and easy as Wattbike provide a calculator to support this, but it has never really worked with my TT bike, and I am still struggling to get a position that feels similar. I was getting pain in my left glute when I was using it a lot, but a change of saddle fixed that. Other than that the Wattbike is excellent, I have never had an issue with it and works perfectly in erg mode.

The Apple TV device worked seamlessly on the first try, and the bigger screen does make a difference to the experience compared to using my older 13′ Macbook air. My laptop is relatively old and had struggled with Zwift in the last month, so I wanted a cheaper alternative than replacing my computer. The Zwift website suggests using an Apple TV device, so I follow the advice. I completed a two-hour ride, including climbing alpe du Zwift and following a session imported from my Training peaks programme and set on erg mode. I did not have any dropouts of the connection with the Wattbike even though there were over 10,000 people on the map, and many were doing the same climb. The Apple TV rendered Watopia and the other riders well, and I had no disappearing riders or glitches in the scenery.

I am currently riding on Zwift every day and wanted an easy set up that meant I only had to think about getting on the bike with no messing around. It is not a cheap set up, but it is worth the money and I get a lot of use. I am lucky to have space in the conservatory to have it up at all times. I would highly recommend the Apple TV 4K for Zwift if you need an alternative to your current devices. Now, I need to use it. 

If you have any questions, contact me on Twitter.