How to interact with people on Twitter

I miss interacting with people. Twitter has people. I will use Twitter to interact with people.

I asked the marketing guru that is my wife for some guidance. Roma suggested I comment on at least five posts per day for the next three weeks using hashtags related to my field. After three weeks, after I am a part of the community, I should then share something that I have been working on that they would value.

I did a bit of a search and found some additional tips

  1. Sort out my profile
  2. Tweet more
  3. Connect with people I already know
  4. Join a regular Twitter chat
  5. Follow and engage with more people in my industry
  6. Learn from Twitter accounts I thing are awesome

Sort out my profile: Your profile is searchable, and people look at it before they interact with you, so make it useful. Get a clear, close up photo of your face, use the full 160 characters for your bio, and complete all the fields including your location. 

Tweet more: The best way to grow your Twitter circle is to get people following you to retweet things you post. To do this, you need to tweet consistently with useful things. People who tween more have a larger circle, and so you can use tools such as Tweet deck to schedule tweets ahead of busy times. Use one or two hashtags to increase the visibility of your tweets so people can find you. Stay up to date with topics in your field and tweet about it and include links.

Connect with people you already know: Find and follow people you already know through work and other social networks. You can import your email contacts to your Twitter account to speed this up. Adding your Twitter account to your email signature can also encourage people to find you outside of work as you interact with new contacts.

Get involved with Twitter chats: People meet regularly on Twitter for gatherings using various hashtags. Roma has one called the #5amteacher or something similar when crazy people get up early and talk to each other.

Follow and engage with more people in my industry: Follow the authors of the tweets you are commenting on and individuals that are visible within your industry. Search hashtags to find the people that have similar interests as you, follow them and start to interact with their posts. You can also find great people to follow by viewing who the people you follow are following.

Learn from Twitter accounts you think are awesome: Find Twitter accounts with large followings and lots of interaction, learn how they post, interact with comments, and layout their profiles. Check if they have a blog post or a video on Youtube about how they use Twitter.

Another Challenge

I will update my profile, and then for the next three weeks, I will follow Roma’s advice and comment on at least five tweets per day. When I gave a few minutes, I will also find people I know and people in my industry to follow and interact with. I will watch Ali Abdaal’s youtube video on ‘How Twitter Changed my Life.’

Find me on Twitter and let me know what awesome things you are working on.